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The widest selections of new and used motorhomes for sale in the UK, RV Super Centre inspires your next on the road adventure. Enjoy the freedom of exploring the world at your own pace in a quality recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome tailored to your specifications and ready to take you wherever you want to go.

Appealing to the adventurer within, taking to the open road in a new or used motorhome from our extensive range of vehicles for sale sets you free to explore exciting new places and create unique experiences that will live long in the memory.

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We are motorhome experts who drive innovation, offering you the freedom to enjoy new adventures at your convenience. Owning a motorhome connects you with a unique community who embrace the pure enjoyment of escaping to favourite or new places in comfort and style anytime.

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As one of the leading motorhome dealers in the UK we offer customers a choice of vehicles to suit a range of budgets, and that deliver a wide and varied selection of features.

Different layouts, number of berths, and bed types can be selected to ensure families and groups of friends of all sizes can travel safely in style and comfort.

Our range includes a large selection of motorhomes featuring popular models from several leading RV manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for luxurious accommodation during long tours or a versatile all-rounder for weekend escapes, we have the perfect new or used motorhomes for sale.

Your trusted motorhome & RV specialist

With 20 years of experience in selling new and used motorhomes, we are perfectly placed to help you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle and onto the open road. Owning a motorhome is a lifestyle that immediately connects you with the outside world and brings exciting adventures within easy reach.

Offering a vast range of quality new and used motorhomes from leading brands including Roller Team, Etrusco, Laika, Weinsberg and Volkswagen together with first-class servicing and repair facilities, we are a destination of choice for people looking to benefit from the joys of motorhome ownership.

We give you the peace of mind that you are taking off on new adventures knowing your motorhome is in excellent condition and that no matter how far your travels take you, our team are on hand to give expert advice and support whenever you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a new motorhome cost?

Average prices for a new motorhome range between under £50,000 to £80,000 for popular models from leading brands, but significant savings can be made if selecting a nearly new/ex-fleet model. Luxury and larger motorhomes can cost upwards of £100,000.

What is the average lifespan of a motorhome?

The length of time you can expect to enjoy your motorhome depends on its class, how well it is maintained and other factors, but a reasonable expectation is 200,000 miles or 20 years, whichever occurs soonest.

How much road tax will I pay for my motorhome?

Motorhome owners in the UK can expect to pay between £165 - £325 in road tax annually, depending on the vehicle.

Will my motorhome require a MOT?

As passenger carrying vehicles, motorhomes must have a class 4 MOT and the living areas require annual servicing by a specialist dealer or workshop.

Do I need a special licence to drive my motorhome?

Licences issued up to 2022 cover categories B, B1, and BE, which covers motorhomes up to 3,500kg. The majority of modern vehicles have a Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM) of 3,500kg, meaning they can be driven by anyone with a standard licence.

Can you sleep anywhere in a motorhome in the UK?

Laws related to land ownership dictate it is safer to park overnight on recognised motorhome parks to avoid any issues. The popularity of wild camping has seen many take to the roads, but permission from landowners should always be sought first if not using an official spot.

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Our helpful Buyer's Guide gives you the information to make informed decisions when purchasing a motorhome.

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