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Unplug from the world A guide to camping

Are you craving a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? Maybe you’re wondering what life in the wilderness is really like. Reconnecting with nature and living a ‘simple life’ is sometimes the best way to recharge and let your mind slow down. For many the thought of camping sounds calming and rejuvenating, however the reality for many can be very overwhelming. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip and embarking on an adventure, here are some tips to help you become a seasoned camper.

1. Don’t skip on comfort

Camping is a popular past time for people of all ages, although some people have never put up a tent in their life. Follow the instructions, it sounds simple but believe me its no fun at all when you have rain dripping on your head at 2am because the window is in the incorrect spot! Bedding comfort also plays a crucial part. Yes, camping is meant to be a little rugged, but if no one sleeps well, then no one has fun. Invest in a good mattress, one that is thicker than a piece of paper. You don’t want to feel rocks on your hips while you roll over in the middle of the night. Spending your money on good quality bedding and shelter is my number 1 top tip!

2. Choose the perfect camping location

Select your destination or campsite before you hit the road. What type of camping holiday are you after? Do you want to sleep in a completely remote area, waking up to nothing but the sounds of nature? Can you survive without amenities? Choose a campsite that suits your ability to be self-sufficient. iOverlander is a informative global app for your smartphone where you’ll find detailed descriptions of campsites all over the world, making your choices a whole lot easier! You can use the map to find campsites in your preferred destination, with a rundown of amenities like Wi-Fi, running water, barbeque facilities, showers, food stores, and more.

3. Build a campfire

For many, a fire around a campsite creates a centrepiece for storytelling. Fire is a force of nature and for the ancient man provided warmth, protection from wild animals, light and a place to cool meals. Always check that fires are permitted in the area you are staying. Create your fire bed and establish a fire ring, this will lessen your impact and keep your fire contained. Collect firewood, tinder and kindling, and never cut down live trees or break off branches. Create your fire and remember to keep it small. You always want to leave the land in the same condition as how you found it. Don’t forget to ensure you have extinguished the fire completely and scoop up remaining ashes before you leave.

4. Escape the ordinary

Finding your inner Zen and taking a step back in nature is essential for our wellbeing. Camping during peak seasons or on weekends may not be as relaxing as you expected. Maybe consider a midweek escape or in offseason when it’s less busy. Leave some room in your trailer or on your roof racks for your bikes, surfboard and fishing rods. If you love a hobby at home you’ll love it even more while camping! Weather can make or break a camping trip, so come prepared. Bring some inside games in case the weather turns gloomy. Uno and monopoly are two of my personal favourites! Don’t forgot to pack a book or two, there is nothing better than immersing yourself deeply in a novel while the heavens open up outside.

5. Respect our environment

The fundamental rude for camping is leaving no trace. Take all of your rubbish with you and leave nothing but nature and memories behind. Leaving our ecosystem undisturbed will help protect and preserve nature so future generations can enjoy it just like us.

Camping is a great way to unplug from the world, try not to overcomplicate the process! Just remember practice makes perfect.

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