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Perfecting the art of motorhome travel

The freedom of using a motorhome and the possibilities that come with it are attracting the attention of travellers all over the globe. Using a motorhome usually means you can see all the places you like at your own pace without having to book hotels or deal with a lot of stresses that come with travelling. Once you figure out the details and quirks of efficiently travelling in a motorhome you’re sure to get hooked.

Do not overpack

This may seem like an easy one but we’ve all been there, travelling to a new place, moving around every single day only to regret bringing that huge suitcase full of stuff, half of which we won’t even use. The same rule applies to motorhome travel, overpacking will not only clutter up your minimal space which you are more than likely sharing with someone else but it will way down your camper which will result in higher fuel consumption. Plus, everyone knows that a minimalistic approach to travel is the most stress free way of enjoying it.


Chances are, that when you have spent months planning your perfect road trip that you are going to want to get the most out of your trip as you possibly can. We hate to say it, but money is one of the most important things when travelling, and I’m sure the idea of getting a few extra days out of your trip or going and doing something that you have had your eye on for a while is much more appealing than eating out every night and going shopping every day. Food is one of the biggest expenses on a motorhome trip so we recommend utilising onboard cooking appliances or campsite appliances to make meals and packed lunches. Also avoiding eating out around tourist locations and explore cheaper places to eat.

Utilise free camping

It’s up there with one of the top perks of travelling in a motorhome, freedom to park up and sleep where you want (within reason). Utilising free camping spots or researching areas where you can park freely will not only be great for your wallet but you will also get to wake up in some amazing places with much more privacy than a campsite. Getting to know the locals in an area can also help you find these places and sometimes even asking farmers or property owners if you can park up for the night make for some very unique sleeping locations.

Conserving your petrol

When travelling long distances every day, the smallest things can make the biggest difference. With just a few small considerations you can save a lot of petrol, these include:

  • Taking it easy; Cruising at around 40-50 mph on long distance trips will help you get the most out of your tank. Also, when overtaking, be patient and avoid high revs.
  • Do not wait until your fuel light is on to make a stop. If you notice petrol is considerably cheaper in a certain place, fill up there, over time this will make the biggest difference.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure. Having a low tyre pressure increases drag of your vehicle, therefore making the engine work harder and use more fuel. Keep those tyres nice and inflated.

Stay tidy

When travelling in a motorhome, having clutter everywhere can make for an underlying feeling of stress. You’ll be surprised at how good having a tidy motorhome is, especially when you’re living in it. Plus, nobody likes the feeling of dread you get when you feel as though you’ve lost something or left it in another place.

Insurance and roadside assistance

While everyone hopes for a problem free road trip, it’s almost impossible when travelling long distances or for long periods of time to encounter problems. Whether you are a motorhome owner or renting one, it is very important that you learn your insurance policy inside out and know who to contact in the event of an emergency or breakdown.

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