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The lap of luxury on the open road

Volkswagen is a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. For over 60 years, Volkswagen has been producing some of the most iconic and beloved vehicles in the world, including the iconic Volkswagen Bus. Today, Volkswagen continues to be a leader in the industry, producing a range of campervans that are designed to offer style, functionality, and comfort to travellers around the world.

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Benefits of a Volkswagen campervan

Spacious and comfortable interiors

Our range of SWB (short wheel base) and LWB (long wheel base) Volkswagen T6 campervans are designed to offer you ample space and comfort. With the popular galley kitchen layout that incorporates smart extras to provide optimal versatility in balancing both living and storage space, you will find the perfect campervan to suit your needs.

Advanced safety features

Volkswagen campervans are built with safety at the heart of their design. Our VW T6 campers come equipped with advanced safety features such as electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and airbags to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe on the road. What’s more, we fit our range of VW campervans exclusively with Reimo elevating roofs, utilising reinforced frames that adhere to TUV regulations. The premium vinyl flooring offers excellent traction, even on damp floors. For extra comfort and peace of mind on the road, explore our VW T6 campers which are equipped with fully crash-tested Reimo sliding seating systems.

Efficient fuel economy

The modern Diesel engines in the T6 camper range combined with Volkswagen’s reputation for reliability mean you can travel longer distances without having to worry about the cost of fuel.

High-quality construction

Volkswagen campervans are built to last. With a focus on durability and reliability, you can be sure that your Volkswagen camper will provide you with years of trouble-free travel. Our VW T6 campervans for sale are all converted using the highest quality materials at every stage of the build process. The interiors of our SWB and LWB Volkswagen campervans are equipped with materials sourced from market leading suppliers using durable, quality-certified materials. This includes our Wurth electrical cabling, and Vohringer kitchen furniture which is factory-cut and machine-sealed.

Five Star Travel Experience

One of the standout features of Volkswagen campervans is their unique and distinctive design. Volkswagen campervans are designed to be stylish and eye-catching, with bold, clean lines giving a comfortable and memorable experience on every journey.

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Our range of VW T6 Campervans for sale

We regularly stock Volkswagen T6 campervans

We regularly stock Volkswagen T6 campervans in both the SWB and LWB chassis which have been converted and crafted by our independent converters to the highest standards.

Volkswagen campervans built with style and comfort

Volkswagen campervans are a unique and intelligently designed option that combines style, innovation, and quality to provide maximum comfort and luxury during your travels. The iconic Volkswagen brand build strong bonds with drivers the world over and once you have driven one yourself, you may never look back.

Perfect as a day van or camping vehicle

Standing at 4.9-5.3m long depending on which chassis you choose, the VW T6 will hit the spot in both size and height whilst still retaining the ability to sleep up to 4 in relative comfort it. With flexibility between living and load space, it can even be used as an everyday vehicle meaning you don’t need an additional car on the driveway.

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