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About Us

Established in 2003, RVSC motorhomes is celebrating its 15th year in operation. With the largest fleet of premium motorhomes in the UK, we have an extensive range of new and used motorhomes to choose from. Even if you are just in the planning stage RVSC's team of motorhome experts are always at your disposal to help you make the right decision and choose the best motorhome for you. Our wealth of travel experience will support you at every step of your motorhome journey offering professional advice and important information.

Why Choose us?

RVSC has a simple unique approach to motorhome acquisition:


RVSC work directly with the manufacturer at the design stage to incorporate improvements derived from continuous client feedback to make changes over and above factory standard. Vehicles designed with clients in mind and a number of additional features have incorporated throughout this design process.


RVSC have a team working on the production line conducting a 120-point inspection on every vehicle to ensure all vehicles meet our agreed standards.


All RVSC vehicles have an initial shakedown trip of no less than 10 nights and 1100miles before going back to RVSC’s workshop for another 120-point inspection. After which they are ready for the road.


RVSC take all vehicles through a final conditioning process to polish all surfaces, test all appliances, wheel trims and complete a full habitation service.

Lifestyle Investment

RVSC motorhomes are competitively priced and offer real value for money. ‘Almost new’ motorhomes are available from 6 months old and have been tried, tested and improved by RVSC’s expert team and its valued customers. In just a few years, the motorhome will pay for itself in comparison to the amount spent on alternative holidays. No matter what stage you’re at in the buying process, RVSC team of motorhome experts are always at your disposal.

Prime Layout

RVSC are the only motorhome dealer in the UK that work direct with our chosen/select manufacturer at the design stage to incorporate improvements derived from continuous client feedback. With access to the largest fleet of new and used Roller Team motorhomes in the UK, RVSC have a range of high quality Italian designed interiors to choose from. At RVSC’s NCC approved onsite service centre, it is simple to customise and personalise your motorhome with items such as awnings, satellite dishes or even external BBQ points.

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Whether you’re planning for the future or ready to go right now, Contact the team today to discuss your next adventure! The possibilities are endless; you can just go anywhere!

The RV Super Centre depot is located/situated just off junction 12 of the M1 approximately 45 minutes from central London. Situated in a prime transport location, you can travel to the depot to see your next motorhome by car, rail or air.

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