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Parts & Accessories

We understand that everybody wants something different from their motorhome and we therefore make it easy for you to customise your vehicle with our wide range of extras that can be fitted to your motorhome. Here is a selection of our most popular, but don’t feel limited, the possibilities are endless!

If you can’t see what you are looking for then please let us know, as we will happily provide you with a quotation.


With or without a privacy room, these double the space of your motorhome and offer shelter from the midday sun (or British rain).

3m awning = £1,150.00
3m Privacy room = £1,150.00
Rain guard for a 3m awning = £70.00

3.5m awning = £1,250.00
Rain guard for a 3.5m awning = £80.00

4m awning = £1,350.00
4m Privacy room = £1,200.00
Rain guard for a 4m awning = £90.00

4.5m awning = £1,450.00
4m Privacy room = £1,200.00
Rain guard for a 4.5m awning = £100.00
Electric awning - 4.5m = £2,500.00

5m Awning = £1,650.00

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Safe door, single lock = £85.00

3 lock bundle with same key = £285.00

Front blind (Fiat) = £390.00

Side blind (Pair - Fiat) = £500.00

Fiamma Safe Door Guardian lock (kiddy lock) = £145.00

4.6L digital code steel safety cash box = £85.00

PIR sensor = £150.00

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LPG Refillable Gas & BBQ's

This convenient system means you will never run out of gas. Works Europe wide and is as simple to fill as putting fuel in your car. Gaslow offer a range of single & twin systems & we offer the whole range so please enquire for more details.

Reconditioned gasflow system = £299.00

11kg single cylinder system with stainless steel hose = £440.00

2nd 11kg single cylinder system with stainless steel hose = £425.00

Complete 2 cylinder Gaslow system = £790.00

We offer a range of portable gas BBQs so please contact us for details and prices.

Truma external BBQ Point = £299.00

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Bike Racks

Rollerteam bike rack new = £549.00

Rollerteam bike rack ex fleet = £199.00

Thule Sport rack (standard including 3rd rail kit and mounting kit) = £440.00

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TV equipment

Avtex 12 volt TV/DVD player

These smartly designed ultra slim 12 volt TV’s are designed for the leisure industry. With built in FreeSat or FreeView, DVD players and great sound quality they are a perfect addition to your motorhome. We also offer a range of TV brackets.

19.5" frameless TV/DVD/Freeview = £499.00
21.5" frameless TV/DVD/Freeview = £549.00
24" frameless TV/DVD/ Freeview = £599.00

Avtex 21” Smart TV (without DVD) and WiFi bundle = £950.00

WiFi antenna

WiFi 4G Smart Compact (Antenna colour black or white) = £499.00

Oyster Vision/ Internet HD satellites

These self-seeking satellites are perfect for those on the move as it takes out the stress and hassle of finding a signal. Go for the internet option: get HD TV and stay connected.

Oyster Cytrac DX Satellite Single LNB = £2,464.00

Oyster Cytrac DX Satellite Twin LNB = £2,635.00

Digital aerial

This neat little aerial is great for those who want Freeview channels. With its one-touch tuning and no setup required it is an affordable way to have TV on the move.

Status 330 aerial - Grade UK/ Vision Plus = £249.00

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Solar Panels

Custom kits available including digital meters and dual output regulators to charge both leisure and chassis batteries.

100w solar panel kit = £499.00

120w solar panel kit = £649.00

USB charging points

Prices start from £150.00 for a single USB charging/ power socket fitted (including transformer)

Mains Sockets

CBE 3 Pin Mains Socket (240v) (with surround) = £135.00

External mains point = £259.00

Cigarette lighter

12 volt socket = £160.00

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Parking aids

Reversing Cameras

Watch your back. Reversing cameras are invaluable when it comes to seeing what is behind you. Fit one of our reasonably priced kits and save yourself the cost of repairs from those unseen objects.

Reversing camera single = £550.00

Reversing camera double = £650.00

Reversing sensors

This inexpensive option is brilliant at guiding you backwards when parking.

Set of 4 black sensors = £299.00


Satnav for 2020 vehicles (X-MAP22FEUMH) = £210.00

Satnav for 2021 vehicles (X-MAP27-MH) = £210.00

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For peace of mind, fit a Thatcham CAT2/ 1 insurance approve alarm system and keep your second home secure.

Cobra Thatcham Category 2/1 Alarm Features:

  • Thatcham approved alarm system to Category 1
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors
  • Perimeter protection to cab and habitation door
  • Visual and audible warning
  • Integrated into the manufacturer’s remote key
  • Secure emergency over-ride system
  • Optional extra Cobra remote key
  • Optional extra contacts for lockers
  • Optional PIR sensor
  • 3 Year warranty & nationwide on-site aftersales service

Cobra A4615 = £599.00

Extra Cobra remote = £45.00

Extra locker contacts (per door) = £60.00

Trackstar CAT/5 = £699.00

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Levelling ramps

Fiamma levelling ramps = £30.00

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Mirror Protector

White = £99.00

Black = £99.00

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Ceramic Paint

Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection - £699.00

Ceramic coat protects your vehicle’s paintwork leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Once treated your paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years and you will never have to polish it again. Combined with an innovative interior protection system, Ceramic Coat also shields the fabrics inside the vehicle, making everyday spills, dirt and grime easier to remove.

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Autoguard warranty

Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown Cover


  • Includes Parts, Labour and VAT
  • National Repair Network
  • Fast Payment of Repairs
  • Comprehensive Parts Cover*
  • Transferable
  • Straight Forward Repair Request Process
  • Pan Eurpoean Roadside

*Age and mileage limitations apply.

3 yr warranty = £799.00

1 yr warranty = £325.00

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Autoguard logo

Grey Water heater

Internal Extras

Air Conditioner

Truma Aventa Air Conditioner from = £2,125.00

Kitchen extras

Hob extractor fan (Dometic CK2000 exhaust cooker hood extractor) = £520.00

Kitchen starter pack (crockery, cultery and pots & pans) = £185.00

Seat covers

FIAT front seat cover = £199.00

FIAT front seat cover with foam headrest insert = £205.00

FORD front seat cover = £175.00

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External extras

External shower

Bullfinch external shower = £329.00

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Pay load upgrade

Pay load upgrade from 3500 to 3750kg (convert 5 to 6 seatbelts) = £336.00

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