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Top five motorhome accessories for the perfect holiday

One of the great things about motorhome holidays is that you can take a large number of belongings with you. No more airport weight limits, no more deciding which items are going to be in your hand luggage and which things are going to be stashed away in the hold. The only limit is the size of your motorhome. Here are our top five motorhome accessories that will ensure you have a great trip.

Bike rack

If you are an avid cyclist, a bike rack is essential. Cycling is a brilliant way to explore your surroundings. The UK has many beautiful cycle routes that you can follow. Neatly placed on the rear of your motorhome is the bike rack; there is no need for bikes to take up large amounts of space inside your motorhome. Storing your bikes on the rear of the vehicle enables you to have more room for all of your other belongings. Visit our website to find the bike rack for you.

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Motorhome awning

If you’re craving more room to move around, awnings are the perfect addition to your motorhome. They shelter you from the sun or rain and extend your living space. RVSC offer a range of awnings available such as canopy and privacy room awnings. They’re perfect for creating a portable dining room that all the family can enjoy. Visit our website to purchase one today.

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Barbecue fitting

A visit to a campsite demands a barbecue. What is better than cooking outside on a sunny day? RVSC offer barbeque fittings that attach easily to your motorhome, meaning you can have a fuss-free barbecue. Visit our website to find out the details and prices of our barbecue fittings.

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Fold-up furniture

When the weather is lovely, there is nothing better than sitting in the sun. Fold-up furniture is an affordable and convenient way to relax and take in your surroundings. It will enable you to sit wherever you like; there is no need to hunt for picnic benches. When you’ve finished using it, fold-up furniture can be easily packed away and does not take up precious room in your vehicle.

TV Satellite

Do you want to go on a motorhome trip but you don’t want to miss your favourite TV shows? RVSC offer self-seeking satellites that are perfect for those on the move that still want to stay connected. If you’re equipt with a TV satellite, there’s no need to stress about finding a signal.

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To view the motorhome accessories we offer, visit our website

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